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Original ENIGISER design from 1996.

Same thumping bass, filters. 

But bigger, more features and blows up any other imitation model being marketed elsewhere. 

We were originally going to launch the ENIGISER X in 2024, however due to the fake imitations of our designs being marketed elsewhere, we decided to launch the hugely expanded ENIGISER X now. Meaning you now have a choice to buy either the original or the expansion ENIGISER from its original source and designer Geoff Waterston and not a poorly made imitation product.

For those who have already purchased an original ENIGISER we are happy to offer you a discount on the new ENIGISER X, because of course you were not aware we would be launching this expanded model so quickly after the launch of the original ENIGISER.

We are also aware that many have already chosen to buy both machines and for this we have been able to offer a special price of £2950.

Again just get in touch now via our ORGON SYSTEMS WhatsApp number of + 44 7354204518 so we can get you updated on deliveries and choice of machines for you.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind year but we are beyond excited for the ENIGISER and THE ENIGISER X to keep getting out there and making amazing sounds. 💥

Now let’s get to the specs/prices and delivery of the new ENIGISER X:

THE ENIGISER X has all the same amazing features of the original ENIGISER plus It’s almost twice the size to accommodate all these amazing new following features:

*Modulation buss is now fully connected up to jack sockets on the front panel. 

*The envelope generators all have front panel outputs.

*The LFO has front panel outputs.

*The oscillator has waveform outputs on the front panel, plus a separate noise generator and modulated sawtooth wave.

*The oscillator also has linear fm modulation inputs on the front panel.

*It also features exponential fm inputs and an oscillator sync input as well.

*The filter has a separate audio input and a separate filter audio output.

*The filter also has a brand new feature included on it. This feature effectively doubles the amount of filter responses taking the total number of individual responses to 30.

*It also features a bypass control which allows you to progressively bypass the filter. This control is a massive innovation on the original ENIGISER filter.

*The VCA also features a separate audio input. 

*Another new feature is the envelope follower, this generates control voltages and gate signals from audio signals. It features attack and release controls for the shaping of the envelope. There is also a threshold control and positive and negative envelope outputs plus a gate extraction output. These controls are very similar in operation to a compressor or gate. Great for making compression, ducking, gating and envelope following effects on either the internal synth, external synth or audio from your DAW. 

Delivery of THE ENIGISER X is available early October and shipped approx 3 – 5 working days from ordering. To get on the reserve list please contact us via WhatsApp on +44 7354204518.

We are aware that many will want both so please feel free to contact us if this is something you are interested in as we may be able to offer a special price for you.

Once again thank you so much for all your orders and support, it really has meant a lot to us.  🙏🏼

For more details or tech support or shipping enquires please get in touch with our ORGON SYSTEMS WhatsApp number on + 44 7354204518

Geoff Waterston aka ORGON SYSTEMS with the ENIGISER X




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